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The Healthy Choice Program is a voluntary annual discount program from the Employee Health Plan (EHP) that rewards you for taking action to manage your health. The program also provides resources to help you save on health care costs and support your overall wellbeing. When you participate and meet your goals, you’ll become eligible to save up to 30% on your health plan premiums. Have a spouse on your health plan? They can participate too, and together you could achieve your best discount.

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Program Overview

The Healthy Choice program begins each year in January. 

  • To get started, you'll need to create a Healthy Choice portal account. 
  • Once you've created an account, you can view your health status and personal program requirements, which explain exactly what you need to do to earn the best discount. 
  • If you join and participate for at least six months and achieve all of your goals by the final deadline of Sept. 30, you'll be eligible for a discount the following plan year.

View the Program Overview and Getting Started Guide for more details about the program.

español Program Overview and Getting Started Guide

Sept. 30 is the Healthy Choice Deadline

Depending on your personal program requirements, make sure you complete what is applicable to you by Saturday, Sept. 30.  Check your Healthy Choice portal account to view your goals and your required metrics.  

  • If you are participating in Coordinated Care or eCoaching, obtain and report your final weight/labs/blood pressure to your care coordinator or eCoach. Note: Labs and/or cotinine tests need to have an order from your provider.
  • If you are healthy and tracking your steps, confirm that your device is syncing and uploading your steps/activity. Syncing your device is your responsibility and should be done on a weekly basis.
  • Final biometrics can be reported beginning Aug. 15 and can be obtained at the following locations: your PCP’s office, a nurse visit, any Express Care, the Walk-in Clinic (Main Campus and Florida), and some Cleveland Clinic owned fitness centers, including Walker and LifeStyles.
  • Back by popular demand: beginning in Sept. the EHP Coordinated Care Department has reserved the locations and times to the right for verifying your final weight and/or blood pressure reading.
Date / Time
Akron General (Frasche Conference Room)Sept. 7th -   8a - 12p
Sept 26th -  9a - 12p
Avon Hospital (AVH1 - 174)Sept. 27th -  8a - 12p
CCAC Bldg. 2 (AC2-1-140)Sept. 28th -  8a - 12p
Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation
(Conference Room C)
Sept. 22nd - 8a-12p
Euclid Hospital (Lake Erie Conference Room)Sept. 6th    -  8a - 12p
Fairview Hospital (Meeting Room C)Sept. 13th -  8a - 12p
Sept. 29th - 9a - 12p
Hillcrest Hospital (Ross Auditorium)Sept. 8th   -  8a - 12p
Sept. 15th -  8a - 12p
Lodi (Dietician Office, LDH-LL-032)Sept. 19th -  8a - 12p
Lorain Family Health Center (Medical Records Room)Sept. 28th -  8a - 12p
Lutheran Hospital (Pre-Function Area)Sept. 5th   -  8a - 12p
Marymount Hospital (Board Room, next to auditorium)Sept. 21st  - 8a - 12p
Medina Hospital (Conference Room 4)Sept. 12th - 8a - 12p
Mercy Hospital

(First Floor Mercy Hall Weight Management Office)

Mercy Hospital (Conference Room C)

Mercy Hospital (Conference Room E)

Weeks of Sept. 18 and 25th
Mondays: 7:30a - 8:30a
Tuesdays: 11:30a - 12:30p
Wednesdays: 3p - 4p

Sept. 19th  -  8a - 12p
Sept. 21st  -  8a - 12p
South Pointe Hospital (West Wing 1)Sept. 20th  - 8a-12p
Sept. 28th  - 9a - 12p
Willoughby Hills FHC
(Lower level Community Room, North Building)
Sept. 29th  - 8a - 12p

Guidelines and Participation

To be eligible for full credit, and the best discount in the program, you must start participating each year by Mar. 31 and meet all the goals set for you by the final deadline of Sept. 30. 

If you miss the first deadline, you may be eligible for partial credit if you start participating by June 30 and meet all the goals that are set for you by the final deadline of Sept. 30. 

Login to your Healthy Choice portal account to view your health status, along with your Personal Program Requirements - which explain how you need to participate to earn the best discount. The Personal Program Requirements for each health status are listed below as a reference. 

If you do not agree with your health status or condition diagnosis, you must contact the health plan to request an appeal before you can start participating. We recommend doing this prior to the Mar. 31 deadline. If you’re enrolled in Coordinated Care, contact your Care Coordinator to make this request.

Have a spouse on your health plan? To comply with HIPAA, they will need to participate and meet their own Healthy Choice requirements. At the end of the program year, their participation will be combined with yours to determine your premium discount for the following year. Together, you can earn up to a maximum discount of 30%. If you participate and they choose not to, you are still eligible for a lesser discount.

Some exclusions apply. If you have questions about your eligibility to participate in Healthy Choice, contact us

Under HIPAA, EHP like other health insurers, is permitted to access health data for the purposes of claims payment, health program development and treatment coverage. As with any of our healthcare plans and programs, plan member privacy is protected in full compliance with HIPAA.

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