For your reference, this page contains current as well as past alerts posted on the Employee Health Plan site.

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Update:

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) is set to expire on May 11, 2023.    

Effective May 12, 2023, the Employee Health Plan (EHP) will cover COVID-19 related services using the same benefit structure applied to other covered diagnoses.   Please review your plan specific document below for more details. 

Effective 5-12-2023: COVID-19 Coverage Information for EHP, EHP Plus, ONA, USW and Main Campus Residents Fellows benefit plans Effective 5-12-2023: COVID-19 Coverage Information for Florida Weston benefit plans

Struggling to Pay Your EHP Emergency Department Copay?

$250 can be difficult to pay all at once.   Did you know that you can sign up for payroll deduction when your copay is greater than $50.  You can pay emergency visit copays, with payroll deduction and remit over 10 pay periods ($25 per pay).

To enroll in payroll deduction, you will need to have both your badge number and employee number.  Don’t carry your badge with you all the time?  Take a picture of the back of your badge, where the numbers are visible.  Carry it with you when you need to reference it in the ED and take advantage of payroll deduction.