Success Story - Mark H.

Finding Fitness at the Hardware Store: A Healthy Choice Success Story

Have you ever had an “ah-ha” moment? 

For Mark, an Employee Health Plan (EHP) member who participates in the Healthy Choice discount program, it happened a couple years ago.

On Groundhog Day of 2018, you could say that he saw his own shadow.  He saw things he wanted to change.  He wanted to be healthier. Enough was enough.  He had tried a variety of programs over the years, but nothing clicked until he committed to a daily routine.

This was the day.  He was ready to lose weight and change his eating habits.  He was inspired by his grandchildren. He wanted to have more energy to enjoy time with them and with his entire family. 

Today, Mark is a success. He lost 60 lbs! He drinks water and walks every day — even through the winters.  Mark likes to walk outside every morning. On colder days, you’ll find him walking the aisles of his local hardware store before work.

The hidden benefit of doing that?  Mark gets the best deals, hours before any other shoppers even get out of bed!  His most recent catch? A great deal on a grill for his son.  

Another secret to Mark’s success is an accountability partner.  He works with Melanie, his Care Coordinator, and is always excited to share his victories with her.  

In this health journey, Mark says he feels better about himself, enjoys shopping for clothes and is thrilled that his doctor no longer recommends blood pressure medication.  At 60 years young, Mark is an inspiration to us all. 

Are you ready for your “ah-ha” moment? Join Healthy Choice and start your wellness journey. 

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